Alpha Capital is a financial intermediary firm based in Damascus, Syria. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best investment advice, and to advise companies, give them access to financial markets and to help them raise capital. Alpha Capital is a research driven firm that leverage technologies and innovations to help investors make informed financial decisions. We believe it is our duty to Help rebuild the country by attracting local and foreign capital.

Alpha Capital is a private joint stock company (PJSC) with a paid up capital of 300,000,000 SYP and is licensed and regulated by Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities (SCFMS) and Damascus Stock Exchange (DSE) for equity brokerage, IPO, research, advisory and wealth management.

To Help Build A Sustainable And Thriving Private Sector And Financial Markets In Syria, Fostering Economic Growth And Prosperity For Future Generations

At Alpha Capital we strongly believe that when your values are clear making the right decisions becomes much simpler. Which is why we stand strong for the values we believe in.

at Alpha Capital, we are guided by integrity, honesty and trust in our decision-making process.

at Alpha Capital, we strive to offer our clients the best service and tailor our solutions to their needs

we are at our best when we work together while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit as individuals.

Wealth is built over generations through hard work and strategic investment decisions. At Alpha Capital, we are driven by innovation and research to grow our clients’ wealth.

Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is heading in the wrong direction - Kenichi Ohmae

At Alpha Capital, we strive to offer our clients the latest technology to access the local market. We want to be the first firm to offer online and mobile trading to our clients.

We rely on macroeconomic, sector and company research to generate investment ideas. We are a data driven firm that leverages fundamental and quantitative analysis to bring our clients the best investment advice.

We apply industry best practices in every aspect of our business.

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